Innovations That Matter

Pixels and Megabytes are important but confusing and irrelevant to day to day use. Since its inception at the beginning of Digital radiography, PIXXGEN has offered features like Automatic Exposure Detection, Automatic Calibration Control and many other truly useful features long before even the industry giants offered them.
Digital Radiography is our specialty. We are good at it .

So, it should be no surprise that PIXXGEN now offers a wireless system so simple it requires no connection to the generator, no calibration and no wireless setup with a router. A standard laptop and our PIXX1717 detector and you can use the system with any x-ray system you have. That is why we say… "Innovations That Matter" .

Whether you represent an OEM, End User, Hospital, Emergency Clinic or industrial user, you can count on PIXXGEN products to work. We have ISO 9001:2000 certification and ISO 13485:2003 certification but our own quality management is the most thorough. We know you depend on our products. We insure that they work.


The Leading Solution!

PIXXGEN is the new leader in digital x-ray imaging systems for for Medical & Veterinary & Security & NDT Applications!